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Summer 2023 ITD Practitioner Program (Level One)

What you'll learn in the Practitioner Program:


  • How to conduct a complete ITD coaching session

  • How to identify the major Inner Team characters

  • Indicators of conflict between members of the Inner Team

  • Strategies to engage your clients in ITD

  • Approaches to cultivate the Inner Leader

  • How to defang the Inner Critic

  • How your own Inner Team affects how you coach

  • How to practice ITD safely


You'll also receive

  • Live demonstrations 

  • Exclusive ITD Insiders Assessment 

  • Step-by-step facilitation guides 

  • Fully downloadable video lessons 

  • Comprehensive, detailed workbooks 

  • An exclusive online community

  • Detailed Inner Team character profiles 

  • Free access to selections from the Inner Team Dialogue book

  • Eligibility to participate in advanced ITD learning programs, including ITD Practitioner Certification

Summer 2023 ITD Practitioner Program (Level One)

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
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