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Fall 2024 ITD Advanced Practitioner Program (Level Two)

What you'll learn in the Advanced Practitioner Program:

  • How to work with your own Inner Team to support your coaching presence
  • Practices to cultivate the Inner Leader, in yourself and your clients
  • How to invite your clients deeper into exploring their Inner Team, to access the transformational potential of the work
  • Eight additional pairs of characters who are involved in common challenges clients bring to coaching.
  • Dynamics of the Inner Team - indicators of Inner Team conflict, how characters team up, working with stuckness, procrastination and ambivalence
  • The four stages of integration of a character, from unconscious to fully integrated. 
  • Characters in relationship: how one person’s Inner Team can activate another’s.
  • Characters as energies
  • Somatic techniques
  • Unscripted facilitation


The learning is supported by: 

  • A small, supportive learning community

  • Live demonstrations

  • Fully downloadable video lessons and reference materials

  • Detailed Inner Team character profiles 

  • Early access to selections from the Inner Team Dialogue book

  • Mentor coaching, including observation of a recorded ITD session

Fall 2024 ITD Advanced Practitioner Program (Level Two)

$1,995.00 Regular Price
$1,895.00Sale Price
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