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Resources and Links for ITD Practitioners

Videos on topics tangentially related to Inner Team Dialogue 

The Benefits of Not Being a Jerk to Yourself - Dan Harris

13 minute Ted talk, funny and straightforward, a good introduction to the benefits of cultivating the Inner Leader. 

The Voices in My HeadTed Talk by Eleanor Longden

A moving personal narrative and example the Inner Leader develops, and characters move from disowned to integrated. 

The Science of Voices in your Head

An academic psychologist's approach to exploring the concept of inner speech. If you're interested in neuroscience, you might find this interesting. Requires high tolerance for academic writing

It's Quitting Time - NY Times Video Essay

Provocative piece from 2021 for those working with Loyalist/Free Agent characters.

Coaching the Multiplicity of Mind: A Strengths-based Model

- Article discussing IFS, with lots of framing also relevant to ITD. 

Multiplicity of Mind: Six minute intro to parts view of personality (IFS language) 

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