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“It’s amazingly gentle, and surprisingly deep.”

Inner Team Dialogue is a parts-work method for coaches, which helps your clients develop a new understanding of who they are, how they work, and what’s possible for them. 

Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching

You want to make a difference for your clients, the kind of difference that not only helps them achieve their targeted results, but ripples through multiple areas of their life.

So you’ve invested your time and energy on cultivating your coaching presence. You’ve nurtured your curiosity. You’ve learned to ask powerful questions. You’ve honed your intuition.

When it all clicks in a coaching conversation, there’s a palpable feeling that something significant has changed. You live for these moments of insight, where your client lights up, where something new is suddenly possible that wasn’t just a moment before.

As beautiful and expansive as these moments are, they’re also elusive.

As much as you’re inspired by the possibility of those extraordinary breakthrough moments, you’ve also experienced many sessions where this didn’t occur. You wonder what signals you missed, what question you could have asked, what you could have done differently to take the client into the space of deep transformation.


You wonder if there’s a way your coaching could more reliably create the impact your clients most desire:

A fundamentally different experience of themselves, and what’s possible in their lives.

Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching
Inner Team Dialogue

You desire coaching that goes beyond creating a vision, designing actions and/or establishing accountability. You desire coaching that creates shifts at the level of your client’s identity. The kind of coaching that invites your client to expand their understanding of who they are.


If this is what you aspire to bring to your clients, Inner Team Dialogue is the missing piece in your coaching practice.

Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching

Inner Team Dialogue is a coaching approach which is designed to:

  • Uncover what’s at the heart of your client’s challenge, in minutes rather than hours.

  • Empower your clients to use self-compassion rather than self-criticism to propel their growth.

  • Create memorable experiences, which stay with your client long after the coaching session.

  • Surprise your clients by gently expanding their understanding of who they think they are.

  • Enhance the impact of the frameworks and assessments you already use, by making them more experiential.

What is ITD like?





Join your transformational coaching tribe

ITD works at the level of identity, helping clients re-imagine who they believe themselves to be. It gently unlocks long-standing patterns by re-introducing clients to parts of themselves they have neglected.

ITD coaching is unpressured, supportive and accepting, which makes the experience of receiving ITD very safe. It doesn’t ask clients to use willpower to force themselves to be who they’re not.

ITD coaching sessions are remembered long after the conversation is over, because the experience itself is memorable. This helps insights translate more easily into shifts in mindset, behavior and identity.

ITD coaching can be deep and tender, and it’s also fun. ITD sessions are enjoyable for both coach and client. They’re delightfully unpredictable: you never know what parts will say.

ITD is learned in small groups, with lots of interaction and peer practice with like-minded coaches. You’ll love ITD’s safe, compassionate and supportive community of practice.

Inner Team Dialogue


Melanie Perry

Jim Rosen

Tracy Burke


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Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching
Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching
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Inner Team Dialogue Parts Work Coaching
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