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Inner Team Dialogue:
Unlocking your potential as a Transformational Coach

¨The first time I used ITD in a coaching session, the client wrote to me later that day to say that it was one of the most meaningful sessions he'd ever had.¨

– Kathy Lu

Coach Continuing Education
Transformational Coaching Inner Team Dialogue

What is Inner Team Dialogue?

ITD provides a practical theory of personality, a field guide to the diversity of our inner world, and a powerful coaching technique.

Coach Continuing Education

Why add ITD to your coaching toolkit? 

ITD goes deeper, faster, than other coaching techniques 

ITD is designed by coaches, for coaches 

ITD is a new way to serve your clients

ITD gets to root cause

Join your transformational coaching tribe

A single ITD session can produce breakthrough insights, which sustain over time. 

ITD evolved out of 20+ years of coaching practice.  It is designed to precisely match the scope of practice of a coach. No translation required. 

Through ITD, you’ll understand your clients’ challenges and goals in a new way. You’ll wonder how you ever coached without it.

ITD is an entirely new approach to address familiar coaching objectives, including developing confidence, getting unstuck, and resolving ambivalence. 

ITD is learned in small groups, with lots of interaction and peer practice with like-minded coaches. You’ll love ITD’s safe, compassionate and supportive community of practice.

Transformational Coaching
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Get started learning how ITD can provide you with an entirely new way to serve your coaching clients.

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