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Inner Team Dialogue

The Inner Team Dialogue Guide

Available Now! 

Personal Growth can be a delightful adventure when you work with all your parts.

If you don't know what's causing your patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior, how can you change them? 

The moment you discover that your most familiar thoughts, reactions and habits are produced by your parts, it changes the entire trajectory of your development.


It's like learning to speak a new language, which has words you didn't know were missing from your vocabulary.  

Part of Me is a comprehensive guide to recognize, understand and befriend your parts, so that your Inner Team can work for you rather than against you. 

You'll finally make sense to yourself. 


Order Part of Me and start learning how to lead your Inner Team.


Recognize and Name Your Parts

Get to know the parts of you which most profoundly impact your identity, thinking, emotions, and behavior. Rediscover neglected parts and access their hidden gifts. 


Cultivate the Inner Leader within in order to change and grow through self-compassion, rather than self-criticism.

Lead Yourself, Lead Your Parts
Make Wiser Decisions

Establish a practice of consulting with and receiving guidance from your Inner Team. You’ll finally be able to stop second-guessing yourself.

Relate to Yourself with Gentleness

Quit burning energy in the impossible task of suppressing or eliminating parts of who you are. Instead, embrace every part of you as an ally. Declare peace with yourself

Inner Team Dialogue
Transformational Coaching Paul Wyman
Paul Wyman, PCC

Author, Leadership Coach

About the Author

Paul Wyman believes that transformation happens through self-compassion, rather than self-criticism.


This perspective is the foundation of his proven Inner Team Dialogue coaching methodology.

Drawing on 25 years of experience as an leadership coach and parts-work practitioner, Wyman has identified 50 parts that most commonly populate your Inner Team.

Part of Me profiles parts such as the Inner Critic, Perfectionist, and Pleaser, but more importantly, it guides readers in getting these parts to work for you, instead of against you.

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