Transformational Coaching Inner Team Dialogue
Transformational Coaching Inner Team Dialogue
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Ready to bring Inner Team Dialogue into your coaching practice? 

Coach Continuing Education
Transformational Coaching Inner Team Dialogue

Stage 1:
Introduction to ITD

A free, 90-minute webinar to introduce ITD, featuring a live demonstration of the ITD coaching process. 

  • Oct 14, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM MDT
    Interested in going deeper into the practice of ITD? This session will introduced the advanced ITD training programs which will open for enrollment in October, for programs beginning in early 2023.
  • Nov 17, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM MST
    If you're a coach who's curious about adding Inner Team Dialogue to your coaching toolkit, this webinar introduces the ITD system, and includes a live, unscripted demo of the ITD coaching technique.
Coach Continuing Education
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Transformational Coaching Inner Team Dialogue

Stage 2:
ITD Practitioner Program

For coaches new to ITD. Learn everything you need to use ITD confidently with your clients.

ICF CCE Continuing Coach Education

A series of ten experiential, practice-focused classes designed to give you a solid foundation for bringing ITD to your coaching clients.

Part I invites you to apply ITD to yourself: Learn who's in charge of your own Inner Team, who's been overlooked, and how this affects your ability to achieve the outcomes you care about most. 

Part II introduces ITD coaching techniques, which you'll practice with other coaches.  You'll practice working with the six most dominant characters and their balancing opposites.

You'll learn how to contract with your clients to use ITD in support of their coaching goals, and how to practice ITD safely. 

Coach Continuing Education
Transformational Coaching
Transformational Coaching
Transformational Coaching
Stage 3:
ITD Qualification
For ITD-trained coaches, by application only. Opening for enrollment soon! 

For coaches who have completed the introductory ITD programs, and are seeking mastery of ITD practice. 

Qualification supports the ongoing application of ITD principles to your life and work, emphasizing mindfulness, reflective practice, and personal integration.


This intensive, small-group program is delivered over nine months, and expands the use of ITD techniques to cover the widest range of coaching situations. Features extensive practice with clients, mentor coaching, group supervision, and much more. 

Coach Continuing Education Inner Team Dialogue
Transformational Coaching
Special Topic Webinars

Throughout the year, there are additional learning and practice sessions which are open to graduates of ITD core programs.  Each takes a deep dive into a specific topic within the ITD body of knowledge. These include: 


  • Explorations of additional pairs of characters

  • Links with other systems (Enneagram, TLCP, Vertical Development)

  • Specialized applications such as relationships, parenting.

  • Coaching case studies: how ITD integrates in specific coaching situations

Check the event calendar for upcoming offerings.